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Our Tweet appeared in the Kenilworth Weekly News

Twitter is a fast paced platform, with over 100 million users who login on a daily basis, writing and producing the right content is important.

The key to effective engagement on Twitter is to be reactive, more so than any other of the Social Media platforms.

It is important not to simply schedule Tweets that just involve selling your products and services but to produce content where you audience will be interested in what you have to say.

This will then increase your chances of getting a re-tweet or a few likes, thus spreading the word about your business.

We recently tweeted about the awful weather in early March 2016 when heavy rain saw some roads in the town flooded. This was then picked up by the Kenilworth Weekly News and was included in one of their articles.

It is important to remember not to post for the sake of it, but instead develop quality content which engages your audience. Results may take time, but you will build a quality following and develop a valuable relationship with your followers.

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