The Brief

Following on from the work with Sentridge Control, we started working with APDS to improve their website. They then wanted to improve their overall presence online so we began to focus on their social media and blog posts. Due to the nature of their industry, it was essential to keep up to date with the news of their industry. From there is has just grown and grown.

Our Solution

Showcasing APDS’s expertise was Jam’s primary goal, they are specialists in their industry and it was important to have marketing collateral to match. Beginning with the website, Jam continued to provide monthly marketing support which includes social media, blog writing, e-newsletters and offline marketing such as folders and inserts.

Our Service to APDS


Website   Newsletters   Search Engine Optimisation    Blogs   Social Media


“Jam are a forward thinking company that listens to its customers. We approached Jam as they were recommended by Sentridge, who operate in the same industry and were very pleased with their work.”

Alan Jones
Sales & Marketing Director