Your online brochure to success

So you’re confident in everything your business does, you are the ultimate professional who delivers every project to the highest of standards, yet online you appear mediocre at best. Your website is the first point of contact for your customers and it is therefore imperative that they are confident in what they see.

If people are visiting your website but are unimpressed by what they see, a competitor is a simple click away. So here are five important factors to consider when remaining competitive and professional online…



Two Examples of our Website Development (L) The Orange Partnership (R) HBT Communications


1) Remain Distinctive

Standing out from the crowd is a vital component for effective online presence. Whether that be through the style of your website, the colour and design or the ability to interact and engage with your audience. It is important that your website is built around the needs of your business. For example, whether your business is in the product or service sector, or whether you are trying to target families or professionals. For instance, if your business is very people focussed, ensure it is clear on your homepage. Have some imagery of your team and the professional service you provide.

2) Be Responsive

It was estimated in 2014 that 57% of people used their mobile devices to access and search the internet. Therefore having a website that is responsive – meaning that it will work effectively across multiple devices including computer, mobile and tablets – is crucial.

3) Testimonials

People like reassurance and they will often look at reviews and testimonials when making their decision. Look at the growth and popularity of TripAdvisor and Google Plus. Make sure you have a dedicated page/section of your website where you can showcase your clients and the work you have done for them.

4) Call to action

Make sure you link the various pages of your website or inform people of the best way to contact you. For example, if you have a page dedicated to the work you have done for a client, make sure to include a clear call to action. For example, ‘Need help with your next project? Drop us an email at…’

5) Clear and Concise homepage

Don’t overload visitors to your website with excessive amounts of text with limited imagery. We understand that this will vary depending on the nature of the business, but you want to ensure your site looks professional to showcase your expertise whilst also delivering something memorable.

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